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Kayla Andrea

September 29, 2009.
She came out at 02:16am. The labor started Sunday night. We didn\'t get any much sleep. Monday we were thinking the contraction will be more regular, but instead the contraction went from 10min to 15 and 30min. The hospital won\'t let us in before the contraction is 5min in between. Monday night at 22:30, we called the hospital again. This time the contraction has been going on for 10min for 4 hours. Tired and already exhausted we went to Ahus at 23:30. They checked Ann and said she will give birth soon. 02:16am she came out. 51cm long and 3730grams. Ann did a great job on pushing and breathing. The pain she went through is admirable. Thanks to God, both are in good health and all his blessings. Our family is now more complete.

Over due!

September 21.
Kayla supposed to come september 16. Ann is getting really depressed and really wants to give birth already. Kayla must be enjoying her stay in her Mom\'s tummy.

3D ultrasound

Our baby girl! Well hopefully they are not wrong. Ann has already started to by baby girls clothes. We have been to two ultrasounds and both times they were certain this one is a girl.

Kayla Andrea Mapoy Ramirez

We had to find a name for her before she is born. We are going to philippines January 2010. We thought we could book our flights and pay for our tickets before hand so that the price won\'t change. So we decided a name for her after once again see at ultrasound that she is really a girl. We went to the travel agency and gave her full name, but couldn\'t still issue us a ticket. They needed the date of birth before they can issue us the ticket.
So we have to wait until september to buy our tickets. Hopefully the flight taxes won\'t go up.
Her name will stay as KAYLA ANDREA MAPOY RAMIREZ

July 17, 2006 - Baby Kayla journal pages!

Since Jordan had a baby journal. Kayla should also have one. Found out that this is actually a good way to remember small details and events. Good to look back at and see how they grow and progress. We the parents are of course very excited again to have another baby. Not quite planned, but still a great blessing. We were specially very happy to know this is going to be a baby girl!