September 30, 2009
Kayla Andrea
Our daughter! Kayla Andrea came to this world 29.09.09 at 2:16am. 51 cm long and 3730gram. Thank God that she is in good health and normal. Truly a blessing.

August 11, 2009
Updated the london photo gallery. Went there to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Performed as a gemnet crew and took photos of the event. It was great fun and a nice experience. A blessed and historical event.
We of course combined the trip with some sights and shopping. London is a great city!

July 20, 2009
Few updates
Uploaded new photos from our Denmark trip in copenhagen album.
Also some new photos in Oslo album with some events here.
Created new menu for Kayla our daughter that is coming in September.

July 20, 2009
Been few updates lately
I have been thinking about shutting down this site. Creating personal hompage is back in the 90\'s. Now it\'s facebook, friendster, myspace etc.
No need for any personal homepage to keep friends and relatives updated. I would have closed this website ages ago. The only thing that stopped me was back in May 2006 when we attended special church gathering in Frankfurt. A special person knew about me and our life because of this site. She said she has been following our story and was trilled to finally meet us. We of course were shocked and amazed. Now, I don\'t know if I should continue to update this site. I doubt that she still follows this site. Lately it has been more like a personal page. Old stories, old pictures and updates after many years keeps me from deleting this. Maybe I\'ll keep it on for a while......

January 30. 2008
Old news are moved.
I have separated the old news.
Oldest news here Old 1
And another one Old 2
And another one Old 3
And another one Old 4
And another one Old 5