Latest Picture!

Some brethren from the locale of Oslo Norway. With our district minister Danilo Caalim!

Fun sites or stories

An article about twin names. A reporter from Seattle times contacted me and wrote about people with same names such as us - Marc Ramirez. Supposed to be 137 with the same name as ours. Great article!

Found a link in my statistic page about this forum where a guy posted a picture of him and his wife. They also are named Marc & Ann, and the picture is in front of Sydney Harbour bridge, same as ours. Freaky!

Nice image site that can be customized with your name

Create slides with your pictures!


Izabelle's funny video!

Say Hi ! :)

Makly and Ann playing!

Marc's closeup pictures!

Ann's different hairstyles!

My nephew Makly posing!

Bowling night with our friends! first intro!

Ann's first poster...:)