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July 17, 2006
New baby journal page!
Created a new baby journal page! Ann can write her experiences and let out some emotions during her pregnancy. She can just let it all out here! Post what she likes to eat, how often she gets sick and all that stuff. Cool to see how her tummy and the baby will go bigger so I'm gonna try to take lots of pictures of her. As you guys can see we are so excited and can't wait to have this baby. I bet our child will laugh all about this journal when he/she is old enough to read! Click here to go to Baby journal!

July 05. 2006
Special delivery - February/March!
As you guys have probably already figured out by the picture, we are having a BABY!!!! This is such a great blessing and a new chapter in our lives! We truly cherish this special time and we are so happy and excited! The baby is expected late February or early March.

July 04. 2006
Next David Beckham!
Makly posing as a professional football player! In the spirit of the World Cup 2006, Makly is a young and active kid. We hope you'll continue to love this sport and be a great player someday!

June 16. 2006
Updated the "Places we've been" page
We feel that we are truly blest for having the opportunity to be able to travel and see different places. For us not to forget the places we've been to and for others who want to visit the same place. We've written some info and things we liked from the cities we've seen. If you guys have any more questions about the places, just email us or write in our guestbook.

May 17. 2006
Norway National day!
National day of Norway. Childrens parade and they can greet the royal family at the palace. Pictures of children at the parade are updated in Oslo album.

May 07. 2006
Special worship service!
Our trip to Frankfurt, Germany will always be a special moment for all of us! This day we attended the Special Worship Service conducted by Bro. Eduardo Manalo in Frankfurt, Germany - Northern Europe. Truly a great blessing for all of us. We are so greatful to be able to attend to this worship service and thank God for this blessing.

May 06. 2006
We were suprised how nice Frankfurt is! This place is so nice and really loved our stay here. The 4 days we stayed here was not enough to explore what this city has to offer. Check out our photos from our stay here in the frankfurt photo album.

Febuary 18. 2006
A lot of snow this winter!
This winter time has snowed a lot! It dosen't snow this much anymore here in Oslo, but this winter it has. People are getting hard time to pull out their cars from all the snow. We are sick of snow now and hope for spring to come soon!

January 8. 2006
These pass weeks has been hectic for us. We drove to Gothenburg, took a cruise to Kiel, flew to Milan and train to Venice. It has been so much fun and so cool to see all these different places. Updated pictures are posted in the album from our trip.

December 31. 2005
We wish all our friends and families a Happy New Year! Best wishes to all and God Bless!

December 4. 2005
My kuya and ate have been blessed with another child - Miko! Congratulations and we are so happy for you guys! This cute baby looks just like his kuya Makly!

November 26. 2005
Our friends from Melbourne!
Our two friends Ron and Kim from Melbourne are here and staying with us. The boyfriend of my sister Jay, and the girlfriend of Ann's Brother Lars. We hope they will enjoy their stay here in Norway. Pictures of their stay are frequently updated.

October 16. 2005
Updated pages!
I finally got time to update some pages in this homepage. The page "Places we've been" has now been created. Also updated the links and smiley's pages. New pictures are continously uploaded. Hopefully I'll be updating these pages more frequently. To all friends and relatives, we hope you'll find this site useful or somehow nice to browse once in a while. Don't forget to sign our guestbook!

September 8. 2005
New ride!
We got ourselves a new ride! It's a Toyota Corolla Verso, 2.0 D-4D Sol. This will be a nice family car. It was time to replace my old Mazda 323F.

July 20. 2005
New pictures in album stockholm!
Updated some new pictures in stockholm album. We had a road trip to Stockholm with my brother Michael Ramirez and his family and Arnold Salazar and his family. We want to thank Bro. Dante Mariano and his family for letting us crash their place. We had a lot of fun shopping and sightseeing the capital of Sweden.

Mai 18. 2005
New pictures in album Oslo!
Updated some new pictures in Oslo album. Taken from birthday party of Chantelle and celebration of the Norwegian Constitution day - 17th of May. Lot's of people celebrating with childrens parade and music. We joined the celebration with some friends from Church and ate dinner at a nice restaurant.

Mai 10. 2005
New pictures in album Copenhagen!
Updated some new pictures from our trip to copenhagen. We had so much fun and it was nice to travel with some of our friends from Church. Just browse the copenhagen album to see some of the pictures.

April 26. 2005
Been a while since I updated marcann.net!
I have been so busy after the wedding and moving to our new place that I haven't had much time to update our homepage. I have finally now updated the photo album with some new pictures from our wedding and our honeymoon in Hong Kong, Sydney and Honolulu. New pictures is also added in Oslo photo album.

December 25. 2004
December 25, 2004 - Saturday at 15:00 we got married at F. Manalo chapel in San Juan, Metro Manila Philippines. This day was our special moment where we celebrated our love for each other and exchanged our vows before God. A day we will never forget that was filled with so much joy and happiness. Thanks to all our friends and family who witnessed our special day.

December 13. 2004
We are leaving today to get married in the philippines.
Today is our departure from norway towards the philippines to get married on the 25th of December at F. Manalo Chapel. On the 5th of January 2005 we will go to Hong Kong for two nights and after that to Honolulu, Hawaii for our honeymoon. We wish all our friends and families a happy new year and updated pictures from our wedding and honeymoon will be added to this homepage when we return.

December 12. 2004
Old news are moved.
I have separated the old news to another page. You can read the old updates by clicking at this link here!