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Jordan is going to be kuya Jordan

Jordan is so big now. He is so hyper and active. We went to copenhagen for our last vacation with just him. Next time we have little Kayla with us. We enjoyed our copenhagen trip and went swimming with Jordan. He had lot\'s of fun.


Two days after his birthday party. We took a one week vacation to Barcelona. Been there before, but this time Ann met up with her cousin. We also traveled with the Paleracio family and had a really good time there.
We were a bit worried, coz Jordan was still a bit sick. But he was okay and seemed to enjoyed our vacation. We rented an apartment with the Paleracio family near the La Rambla street. Jordan slept in our bed at night, so when we came back home, we didn\'t want to sleep at his bed anymore. He got used to having us around and always wants to sleep in our bed.

What shoes am I gonna wear???

Jordan received 8 pair of shoes. 4 pair were Michael Jordan shoes. They are really nice. And Jordan is gonna wear a lot of cool and nice shoes when he starts walking.
In this picture he puts his hands up like he is so shocked and confused, coz he don\'t know what shoes to wear.

Day after his birthday party!

The day after his birthday party, Jordan was feeling much better. He was smiling and laughing more. So opening his presents was a lot of fun. He received a lot of toys, clothes and shoes. Thanks a lot to all who came to his party and celebrated with us.

1 year old

Happy Birthday to Jordan!
Can\'t believe our son is turning 1 already. We had a big celebration. Rented a big hall, bought a lot of props, birthday cake, balloons and catering for his party. This is Jordan\'s first birthday, so it had to be special. The theme was Winnie the Pooh, and we had a big winnie the pooh decoration made just for this party.
The down side, was that Jordan was sick at his party. He wasn\'t able to enjoy his party to the fullest. But it was still a nice and fun birthday.

11 months

Our living room is now filled with toys and baby stuff. Around our sofa, Jordan walks around next to it. As long as he is leaning or holding to something he can get around by himself. He doesn\'t want to use the walker anymore. Normally we just put him the corner sofa and the middle chair in front, so he can manage on his own in his small corner. That way we can get to do something else than carrying and walking him around with us. We can also leave him sitting on the carpet with toys and pillows around him. But it takes only few period of time until he gets tired of it and wants us to play or be with him again.

We are also getting really busy with the preparation with Jordan\'s first birthday.

Year End Thanksgiving

Jordan is getting ready for our Year End Thanksgiving. Wearing his nice shirt, tie and nice shoes.
He likes to walk around now with us holding his hands of course. We are hoping he starts to walk before he turns 1 year old, but people say he will get worse when he starts to walk on his own. We would be running around with him, and he won\'t be staying in one place.

10 months

Jordan went swimming for the first time. We were lucky to try out this indoor heated pool. Jordan was curious and starred at the water a lot. He seemed to enjoy himself and had fun swimming and play around with water.

9 Months

Jordan is now 9 months. He is a bit sick and runny nose. But he is still makulit and plays around. That is a good sign.
Haven\'t taken a lot of photos of him. Been very busy.
Jordan likes to watch Barney now. He watch that every time we feed him. And he also needs to have a toy or something in his hands while feeding him. He don\'t like to chew so have to make his food really soft.

8 months

October 21, 2007

Jordan has got some teeth now. Actually they started to come around 7 months. But hard to take pictures when they are so small. He likes to bite now and bites the spoon and other toys he has. He is also getting more malikot. Not easy to carry him anymore, coz he always wants to play and move around. Jordan loves to watch commercials on tv. Every time it is commercials, he stares at the tv and watching it until the next show starts.

Dosent sleep straight!

October 15, 2007

If we are just at home, Jordan normally sleeps around 8 or 9 pm. Wakes up a bit at 1 am and wants milk and goes back to sleep. Wakes up again around 3 am, and sometimes just want his pacifier or milk if he didn\'t want at 1 am. Sometimes he does this often, like cry and wants some attention like 2 or 3 times a night. This is really hard. Especially when we are so tired and just want a straight and long sleep. He normally wakes up around 7 am, and wants to play. He\'ll be awake for 1 or 2 hours, and then sleep for just half an hour again.


October 02, 2007
Jordan likes to be in his walker. Running around the apartment. This helps us a lot. Gives us the break and the few minutes we need to wash dishes, eat and clean the apartment. He can use the walker for about 10 to 20 minutes. After that, he gets sick of it and wants to do something else.

7 months

September 21, 2007

Jordan was a bit sick again for couple of days. Hard when a baby is sick. He had flu and high fever. He didnt want to eat and drank just some milk. I guess even babies have bad appetite when they are sick. Jordan was getting skinnier and his Mommy was worried was not fat anymore.Few days after he got better, he was back to eating baby food and milk and now getting back to being chubby baby.

6 months

August 28, 2007

Jordan turned 6 months a week ago. Now we let him sit on his own. He sometimes gets out of balance, but manage to sit most of the time. At his age, Jordan has also been able to travel a lot. He went to Kiel, London and Vienna. At the Vienna flight he was more calm this time. Maybe he is getting used to traveling.
Jordan is getting louder. During worship service he has started to make loud noises and play a lot. He likes to pull and grab things now. Cant believe he is already 6 months old. Halfway to one year old. Need to enjoy this time with him while he is still a baby. Many has also said he is such a cute baby. Hope that is really the way they see him. For us he will always be adorable of course. :)

5 months

21. July, 2007

5 months old. We went to TGIF fridays today. Had lunch! Jordan was in a good mood. Now he rolls from his back to his tummy and back. Getting dangerous leaving him alone. He kicks and move a lot now. Getting heavier and harder to carry. But also more fun.
More responsive when communicating with him. Started giving him some baby food. Hoping it will make him sleep longer, but he still wakes up early.

Jordan first airplane ride.

July 1, 2007
Jordan\'s first trip on an airplane. We were curious how Jordan will react on an airplane. Being only 4 months old we took this trip as a test on how he would be.
It was hard!!
Jordan cried a lot. Espesially when our flight got delayed for 45 min. He drank his milk before take off. He wanted us to stand and couldnt sleep. We knew that it would be hard traveling with a baby, and this was only 2 hours flight. Imagine if we went to Philippines.
London was nice. But it rained a lot. Jordan slept a lot in his trolley. Traveling with a baby is hard. Big adjustment for us. But hope it will be better since we do love to travel.

4 months

21. June, 2007

Jordan is 4 months old! He grows fast. He is playing and smiling a lot. We try to train him to have a stronger back and neck by lying him on his tummy. He likes is for just a few minutes. But gets tired and cries.

Jordan first trip outside Norway!

June 12, 2007

This is first trip Jordan is outside Norway. We enjoyed a small cruise trip to Kiel, Germany. Took the Color Line Fantasy Cruise. Jordan was kind and didnt have any much problem with him. He loved to watch all the color lights and he even liked to watch the show on the boat. I was afraid he was going to freak out from the noise and loud music, but he was kind and just sat on my lap until he fell asleep.

Thanks Jordan! Keep it up, and we will go travel more!


Lately! Jordan has been going out a lot. We have been outside the house everyday! If it is not Church or other church activities, we go shopping or picnic. Enjoying the summer and hot weather.

Seems like Jordan enjoys it!


June 7, 2007

Now that Jordan is 3 months old. Going 4 months. We read and found out that we should start having a routine on making him sleep on his own. Not get used to carrying, tapping or moving around. This is the best time for him to learn to sleep on his own. So it will be also easier when he gets older.

They say we should just put him to bed and let him sleep on his own when we know he is tired. If he cries, let him cry for a few minutes and then comfort him a bit without picking him up and then leave again.

This is hard! But the couple of days we tried it worked. We were surprised and also very happy. This of course will be easier for us. We have been used to carrying him all the time to sleep and as he is getting heavier it is hard.

He is now 7,1 kilo and 63cm long.

Jordan is 3 months

Times goes fast and Jordan keeps growing and growing. Friends and families say he is big and chubby. Big for his age. We love that he is healthy and big. More to hug!

Jordan @ 4 am

Jordan usually need to eat at 2am and 5am after going to bed at 11 or 12pm. At this picture, he is lying on top of me and wont go back to sleep. He pushes his head up and can see clearly that he eats a lot.

Our baby is getting chubby! But we like it that way. So cute and more to hug and kiss.

Downside is that he is heavy. When he is in a bad mood and we need to carry him. Our back hurts a lot!!

2 months old

April 21, 2007

Jordan is 2 months old today. Time goes fast and Jordan is getting bigger and bigger. We really need to treasure each moment with him coz before we know it he will be grown up already.

Jordan is so cute and has grown a lot. Everybody keeps saying he is such a big baby. He does eat a lot and sleeps a lot. But that is what babies do. We love that he is a bit chubby. More to hug and squeeze.


April 17, 2007

Took Jordan out to Frogner Park. It was a bit to cold that day, even if it was sunny. Bro. Jun had his tita over, and showed this park to them. We grilled some hot dogs and burgers. Ate and took pictures with some brethren.


Jordan smiles a lot now! You can talk to him and he will smile and look at you. Sometimes he mimic us, like showing our tounge. He likes to play now, especially in the morning. Just lies on the bed and looking around and smiling.

1 month old

March 21, 2007

Jordan is 1 month old! He still sleeps more during day time but at least now we know and more prepared. We try to sleep also when Jordan is asleep in the evening. Gather some strength so when he wakes up at 11 pm, 1 am, 3 am and 6 am, we have at least some energy to feed and carry him.

He is really getting bigger now and chubby. Ann went to a check up session and the other kids born around same as Jordan did was not as big as he was. But the doctor said everything was fine and normal. Boys have larger appetite.


Feb - March

All Jordan mostly does is sleep and drink milk. He keeps us up at night. He wants to be fed every 2 or 3 hours. Most nights he is up and awake and sleeps more at daytime. Very hard for us who needs to go to work at daytime. Hopefully this will change soon.

The first week Jordan got actually sick. We was coughing and sneezed a lot. He had a bit hard time breathing since his nose was thight. After a few days was good again. But it was hard seeing him sick and having hard time breathing.


March 11, 2007

Marcus Jordan was offered in our Church. Officiated by our resident minister Bro. Jose Macayan Jr.

We will do our best to raise our son to be a good christian. To be faithful and obey the commandments of our Almighty God.

One day

Jordan is now 1 day old. Since everything was fine and he was in good health, we were sent to the Ullevål hospital hotel the same day he was born. We stayed there until saturday. During those days they took physical checkups, blood tests and vaksinations.

Also friends and relatives got the see Jordan.

We were so happy to have our son normal and in good heatlh. He is so adorable and cherished these first days with our son.

Marcus Jordan Mapoy Ramirez

Febuary 21, 2007

I came back to the hospital Wednesday at 5am. Ann called me and said that it was gonna happend soon. Still it was a lot of waiting. Ann got epidural injected to ease the pain. She got to rest a bit. The birth started around 16. All I could do is hold her hand and support her. The pain comes stronger and pushing Jordan out was so hard. After almost half an hour of pushing I could see Jordans head slowly coming out. That sight and moment is so special. And after some hard pushes Jordan is out. That moment is so special and undiscribeable. The feeling we had as parents and the joy of seeing our son was so great that all the pain and hard times we experienced flushed away. Especially for Ann! She\'s the one that had the biggest role in this event.

Wednesday at 16:36 - Marcus Jordan was in good health and we could finally see our handsome son! His weight was 3578 grams and he was 51 cm long.

One of the happiest moment in our life!!


Febuary 18. 2007

Jordan is coming. Sunday night Ann is having her contractions. First at every half an hour. We were prepared to leave that night, but suddenly the contractions came every hour. The hospital wanted us to come in when the contractions are every 5 minutes. So we waited. Monday evening the contractions came every 10 mintues. The pain was strong for Ann, so we went to the hospital. But they sent us back home coz again the contractions faded and came every half an hour. Tuesday morning we went back again. The pain is so strong and Ann is getting weak and the pain unbearable. Ann was able to stay in the hospital. I was sent home tuesday night. Both of us at this time was tired and hoping that Jordan will come out already! But of course it was more painful for Ann, having the contractions and not able to rest properly.

Baby Shower

January 27, 2007
Ann was surprised today with a baby shower! She tought we were just gonna eat dinner at JR\'s place. My cousin Ate Grace gave me this idea to have a surprise baby shower for Ann. It would be a memorable moment for her. I guess having to carry a baby inside her tummy for several months, and having pain, sickness and mood swings, this is at least we can do for her. A great break for her to have a bit fun and enjoy that her pregnancy is almost ending. At the party we had games like guessing Ann\'s weight, how big her tummy is with tissues, guessing the celebrity babies, etc. Thanks to JR for hosting the party and of course all our friends and family.

Now we are just waiting for Jordan to come out. Hope that everything will be well with both Jordan and Ann during the delivery.

Jordan is coming soon!

Nect month is a big month for us! Jordan is coming out soon! We are so excited! Ann is getting bigger and it gets harder for her to move and not able to sleep properly. I guess this last month will be hard and long. The due date is Febuary 26, but hope he will come earlier. We have prepared a lot now. Bought stroller and baby bed. Fixed his room so it looks more like a baby room now. His name is already set. The first name that is. Ann is still thinking of a second name. We just hope Jordan is healty and normal. Can\'t wait to see him.

Baby second ultra sound

September 28, 2006

We are having a boy!!!!!

This time we found out that we are having a boy. The doctor was so sure! Of course we were happy wheter boy or girl. We were just praying that our baby will be healthy and normal. The baby is getting bigger now. And we were so thrilled to see our baby again. He was moving a lot and kicking. This time the doctor checked his head, neck, spinal at the back, etc. A more thorough check up.

Happy to hear that everything seems normal and fine. Baby is growing and everything was normal. This day we found out that we are having a boy. We went to the shops and bought some boy clothes.

Baby first picture!

This is our baby\'s first picture. Ultra sound at week 14. Don\'t know the gender yet cuz the baby was still to little. Such a good feeling and big moment to see our child for the first time. Even if it is just black/white and blurry shapes. But still gave us the confirmation that our baby is inside Ann\'s tummy.

We were so happy and trilled to see our baby!

Special delivery February/March

July 5.2006

Well, I can't believe I'm doing this. Creating a pregnancy journal! I'm not really a *Blog* person, but I thought this would be a good way of putting down my thoughts and reflecting my pregnancy.

Today is the day that I finally found out that we are going to have a baby.
I have mixed emotions about it and I was actually shocked to find out I was pregnant, it was unexpected but by no means unwanted. Marc and I were planning on waiting another year, since I was going back to school this August. But we know that this baby is such a blessing! We are so excited and happy!

I believe that being a parent is the hardest job in this world. I take my hat off for all those great moms and dads out there, raising their children in these difficult times. It is such a responsibility. And from now on it is not only me, myself and I. We have a little one.

Not telling anyone was NOT an option... heheheh! I called and waked my mom straight after Marc had read the preg.test description and confirmed the two lines. I was so excited telling her, cause this is her first grandchild. And today was her birthday! She was already the proud Lola-to-be, so happy and excited for us. And of course I told my good friend and cousin, Cherry. Then my sis in law, ate Daisy. We share something special, being married to the Ramirez-brothers. hehehehe!

Right now I'm really tired and occasionaly dizzy. Nauseous morning and afternoons.. I actually feel more sick than pregnant. But Marc has been great and very understanding! He has an enourmous heart and I am so thankful for that. I can cry and whine, laugh the next minute, and he still puts up with me. I dont know how he does it, but thankfully someone does. :) Well, you know....there's a great saying.... \\\"If Men were the ones to have babies, there would be no babies\\\".

Life is really very good and I am excited (although nervous) about our new little addition. I'm so happy that I get to have this baby with such a wonderful guy!

I am crossing my fingers that the rest of this pregnancy is smooth sailing!

July 17, 2006 - Baby journal pages is now complete

Created a new baby journal page! Ann can write her experiences and let out some emotions during her pregnancy. She can just let it all out here! Post what she likes to eat, how often she gets sick and all that stuff. Cool to see how her tummy and the baby will go bigger so I\'m gonna try to take lots of pictures of her. As you guys can see we are so excited and can\'t wait to have this baby. I bet our child will laugh all about this journal when he/she is old enough to read...:)